March 25, 2005

Goodbye Texas, hello California

split-s has been silent lately. A lot has been happening in recent weeks, and my mind has been elsewhere.

I'm leaving my current job in Plano and moving to the Bay Area. I can't say what I'll be doing, yet. Stealth-mode and all that :). All I'll say for now is that I'll be working with Diego and a few other great people.

Now, to start planning for the move. It's gonna be very hectic for the next few weeks, but I'm excited!

March 08, 2005


There's an ongoing weekly quiz in the Ruby mailing list. This week's theme is roman numerals -- writing a program that can read roman numerals from the standard input and print out their arabic representation. A few solutions have been posted, standard stuff. But Dave Burt complemented his with a very neat hack. He makes it possible to treat integers and roman numerals interchangeably, and to perform arithmetic operations with them:

VII + 3 -> X
XIV / 2 -> VII
VIII.divmod(III) -> [II, II]

Part of this is achieved by redefining the const_missing method of the Object class, which kicks in whenever the interpreter finds reference to an unknown constant.

def Object.const_missing sym
    # verify that the constant is a roman numeral
    raise"uninitialized constant: #{sym}") unless RomanNumerals::REGEXP === sym.to_s
    # define the constant and return it
    const_set(sym, RomanNumeral.get(sym))

The arithmetic operations are made possible by redefining RomanNumeral's method_missing method with code that delegates unknown operations to the it's integer representation.

Take a peek at the complete solution.


March 02, 2005

Stealth fighter jet unveiled

See for yourself...

I had a good laugh with these, too. Enjoy!

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